Live action comedy drama with CG animation and visual effects

118 x 12 minutes including a Christmas Special

For 4-6 year olds


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     Grandpa in my Pocket first hit the UK screens in February 2009 and was an instant hit with fans. The series has been nominated four times for a children’s BAFTA and won the 2010 BAFTA Cymru for Best Children’s Programme.  The stories take a fun, lighthearted look at the hugely important relationship between Grandparent and Grandchild and now there are 118 entertaining episodes to enjoy, including a Christmas Special.  


     The New Adventures of Grandpa in my Pocket (52 eps) takes the story forward in time.   Our original grandson, Jason Mason is now a teenager and the family have moved to the fabulous Mill on the Marsh on the outskirts of Sunnysands.  They run the windmill as a small hotel and all sorts of extraordinary guests come to stay.   The new series features two other grandchildren, Josh and Elsie, who come to stay for the summer.  Grandpa reveals the secret of his magic Shrinking Cap and soon they are joining him in all sorts of hilarious and magical adventures.



     When Grandpa isn’t in his armchair, everyone thinks he’s gone for “a little lie down!” But in fact he has a magic Shrinking Cap which only his grandchildren, Jason, Josh and Elsie know about. When Grandpa puts his cap on, he becomes small enough to fit into a pocket, not to mention Jason’s toy plane and car or Josh’s helicopter. He can even fly on Elsie’s Mrs Ostrich! He turns up in all sorts of unlikely places and creates comic mayhem which his grandchildren have to sort out. Grandpa is playful and mischievous but always a force for good. Together, Grandpa and his grandchildren make a great team and have a host of hilarious adventures.



     Grandpa in my Pocket features an all star cast, led by James Bolam as Grandpa. Young talent Sezen Djouma plays grand-daughter Elsie and Harvey Thorn plays grandson Josh. Jay Ruckley plays Jason Mason. Susan Jameson plays the regular role of Grandpa’s sister, the love-to-hate eccentric Great Aunt Loretta. The Mason family members are played by Zara Ramm (Mum), Sam Ellis (Dad) and Josie Cable (Jemima.) Regular Sunnysands characters are played by Lorna Laidlaw (Miss Smiley), Steve Elias (Mr Whoops), Phil Gallagher (Mr Liker Biker), Luke Perry (Floyd) and Alan McMahon (Mr Mentor). Guest appearances include Liza Goddard, Geoffrey Palmer, Rula Lenska, Meera Syal, Alex Jennings, Anne Reid, Sian Thomas and Sanjeev Bhaskar.  For the new series we were delighted to welcome Emilia Fox, Sam Kelly, Joanna David, Kenny Ireland and Lizzie Roper among many others to the Grandpa guest cast.

Grandpa (James Bolam), dressed as Captain Dumbletwitcomes face to face with Olga Orbit (Emilia Fox)



Created, Written & Produced by: Mellie Buse and Jan Page
Directors: Richard Bradley, Martin Franks and Iain McClean

Executive Producer for Adastra: Angus Fletcher (series 1,2,3)
Executive Producer for the BBC: Sarah Colclough (series 1,2,3) and Michael Towner (series 4,5)

Production Manager: Bryan Moses

Animation and Visual Effects: Dinamo Productions (series 1,2,3) and Bait Studios (series 4,5)

Filmed at Enfys Studios, Cardiff.



     Grandpa in my Pocket is distributed worldwide by DHX Media, based in Toronto Canada and so far has sold to over a hundred international territories. The show is a huge hit in Australia (ABC Kids) where it regularly tops the children’s ratings charts. Other countries enjoying the series include France, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Norway, Israel, South Africa, India, Russia and the Far East.